Background and goals of EvalTraining

Background and aims of

Eval-Training was established as a joint initiative of DeGEval and SEVAL. It is to provide interested persons with an up-to-date and quick overview of the possibilities of training and further education in the area of evaluation. The aim is to make a contribution to professionalization in evaluation.

All offers listed were checked for completeness and formal compliance to the terms of admission by representatives of DeGEval respectively SEVAL (see terms of admission below). However, we emphasize that a quality check of offers is not feasible. Thus, this overview of offers does explicitly not have a recommendation character, it rather functions as an information platform.


Terms of admission for training and further education offers on the platform Eval-Training

  • the membership of at least one person or institution implementing the offer in one of the participating professional societies (currently DeGEval or SEVAL),
  • a clear reference of the contents to the thematic field of evaluation,
  • that the participation in offers is generally open to all interested persons, with the exception of comprehensible restrictions with regard to contents  (eg required prior knowledge, subject-specific background, professional experience, etc.),
  • that the learning objectives of an offer are related to evaluation competencies, as defined in the "Recommendations for training in evaluations - evaluation profiles for evaluators" (DeGEval, 2004),
  • that the "DeGEval Standards for Evaluation" (DeGEval, 2016)  or  "SEVAL Standards for Evaluation" (SEVAL, 2016) are an explicit component of a training or further education offer or are referred to in the curriculum,
  • the acceptance of the terms of admission including formal compliance check.